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The unique feature that creates the advantage of TJex is the Big Data analysis. TJex helps in making more efficient decisions with the use of probability by analyzing the current behavior of the user and the market. Every day, huge amounts of data is accumulated through various transactions which are beyond human capabilities. As a solution, it is possible to derive future customer trends and behaviors using Artificial Intelligence (AI) when analyzing big data.

There has been quite a splash when it comes to the influence of Big Data in FinTech. Technology is advancing at an exponential rate, with far-reaching repercussions. Increasing complexity and data production are changing the way companies work, and the financial industry is no exception. Automatic trading, which heavily depends on AI and bots, and trading based on machine learning remove the human emotion aspect from the equation. At the present, inexperienced traders can also employ tactics designed to help them make trades without bias or illogical swings.

How do we use AI in light of this situation? What data do we use AI for? Currently, machine learning and algorithms are increasingly being utilized in financial trading to process massive amounts of data and make predictions and judgments that people just cannot. Financial institutions are looking for innovative methods to harness technology to enhance efficiency in the face of rising competition, regulatory limits, and client demands.
Big data is defined as a customer behavior pattern (transaction data) and for classifying customer transaction behavior, AI is used for this specifically.

ReverseAI, which is activated by clicking the HELP function, keeps working behind the scenes while you are trading as usual. It helps investors increase the probability of SURVIVING THE CHANGING TRENDS IN THE MARKET and gain the desired profit or target. This can be turned on or off based on one's preferences and give them the liberty in utilizing the tool to achieve their goal.

From the name itself, this feature automatically reverses the sell position to buy and the buy position to sell in situations where the user continues to lose and cannot make a calm decision.

We have defined big data as customer behavior patterns (transaction data), and decided to use AI specifically for classifying customer transaction behavior. This feature called Reverse AI keeps working behind the scenes while you are trading as usual.However, if it is turned off, it will be stopped immediately. It's up to you to turn it on or off