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TJ Tech was founded in 2017 by Mr. Takashi ‘’TJ’’ Matsumoto, a dedicated entrepreneur with a passion for technology and had a vision of creating a company that would focus on developing innovative software solutions for businesses of all sizes.

In its early years, TJ Tech Company primarily offered customer relationship management (CRM) software to small financial exchanges. As the company began to grow, it expanded its offerings such as plugins and add-ons development, price feeding, liquidity provider bridging, system maintenance service and so forth.
By 2019
In a short period of time, TJ Tech Group had grown its client base including medium-sized companies. As the company expanded its operations, it recruited more senior managers for high-level roles.
In 2022
TJ Tech Company made a breakthrough in the fintech industry with the launch of its 24/5 Customer Support service. This independent team revolutionized the way the clients’ financial exchanges communicated with users, and quickly became the industry standard. With the accurate orientation and guidance of leaders, the efficiency of this department has been constantly enhanced to meet 90% satisfied email response rate from clients
Over the years
TJ Tech Vietnam continued to innovate and expand its offerings. To date, competitive system development services are one of the core businesses. In the same year (2022), the company relocated to the Capital Place Building, which enabled it to double the office area to meet the demand for new clients.
Today, TJ Tech Company is one of the most respected fintech companies in the world, with a global client base and a reputation for developing cutting-edge software solutions. The company continues to push the boundaries of technology and is committed to delivering value to its clients through innovative and effective solutions.