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TJTECH is a fintech company that works mainly in the field of software development specialized in exchanges for financial assets and securities. Majority of TJTECH’s customers comes from oversea countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, etc.

Currently, cryptocurrency is still on the rise despite the decline in price since early 2018. Therefore, cryptocurrency exchanges are still high on demand as they can return a rather remarkable portion of profit. In order to capture and ride with the trend of financial market, at TJTECH, we have the ambition of delivering to our customer the best solutions of cryptocurrency services in particular and fin-tech technology in general.

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Business Areas

"We Build Trust With All Our Fintech Solutions."

Business Areas

MT4/MT5 Platform Solution

We prove solutions for not only A Book and B Book but also Hybrid model FX Broker. Besides supplying bridge connection with Tier-2 Liquidity Provider, we also support clients in various services such as Risk Managemnet, Rate Control, Spread Adjustment, Client Profiling, Data Analysis, and System Infrastructure.

Crypto Exchange Platform Solution

We provide the ready-made solution for launching customer own cryptocurrency exchange. Our trading platform is developed using Ultra High Frequency Dynamic (UFHC) Technology, which is one of the most secured and efficient exchanges for cryptocurrencies in term of aggregating market capitalization and rate data to bring a diverse market network to our customers.

Financial Option Solution

We provide a top-of-the-trend and sophisticated Advance Peer-to-Peer Trading System. Our objective is to deliver the clear-cut transparency to all financial markets. Also, through the reinvention of Trading system, we intend to instill the incorruptible logic into trader’s value system.

Dealing and Operation Solution

We provide a highly efficient and effective 24/7 Monitoring and Analysis System. Our services include Rate Gateway, Market Make, System Error, Fraud Transaction, Hedging Operation, and last but not least Risk Managemnet. Our achievement is customer’s profitability.

Our Team

"We at TJTECH strike to bring the most profit for our customers."

Our Team

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Xuan Tung Nguyen

(MSc - Operation Officer)

Tung has many years' experience in financial market with board experience in cryptocurrency, stock and forex trading.

He previously worked as a leader of the cryptocurrency dealer team for a famous Japan crypto exchange, where his team has to be in charge of controlling exchange operations, applying techniques to predict market movement, and earning profit for the exchange via profitable trades.

He is an industrious and ambitious person in financial field, with solid background from many years studying in Banking and Finance sector, and further consolidated by holding master degree in International Financial Market field, the University of Southampton, the United Kingdom.

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Nguyen Duy Tung (Jimmy)

(MSc - Sales and Marketing Manager)

Graduated RMIT University Vietnam, he has also spent many years studying in Melbourne, Australia for Master Degree in business area.

With knowledge in banking and finance, he has been actively involving in financial markets for more than 3 years, specializing in forex and crypto trading.

He is a down-to-earth guy with the will to learn. Regarding management skill, he has managed the Dealer Team for a Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange to deal with all situation 24/7.

As trading has been his passion for so long, his motto is “The easiest thing to handle is winning, but trading doesn’t start until you lose.”

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